Quality Policy

It is primary aim of G-FRP to play leading role in meeting the specified requirements of its customers in the industry through continuous improvement and consistency in maintaining the quality of all various products by G-FRP.

G-FRP believe in staying ahead and to be best supplier in Malaysia in terms of product and quality and to achieve zero and deliver within the required time.

G-FRP aim to achieve the objectives through the committed participation from the top management down and by creating environment and culture that promotes quality, which ultimately sets the direction towards achieving ISO 9001:2008 for G-FRP.

G-FRP believes that all employees must understand fundamental aspects. The basic fundamentals are:

• Quality & Reliability Improvement
• Human Resources Development
• Reduce Inventory
• Adopt Just-In Time Philosophy

G-FRP philosophy and strength has always been large selection, competitive pricing, high quality, on-time delivery and product guarantees.

Based on strong connection with our suppliers, we provide the richest selections and much more competitive prices than any other investing in a flexible and horizontal organizational structure because we place a high value on openness and loyalty to each other. Our workforce people from various backgrounds of experience and ethnicity.

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